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New Lessons Every Week

A brand new HD video lesson delivered right to your inbox every week as either a unique one-off lesson or part of one of our 12 week courses.

12 Week Courses

It’s important to have a subject to work on, a goal to reach, and a path to guide you to that goal. Our 12 week course system does just that and tracks your progress through any of our courses you are currently enrolled in.

PDF downloads

Where applicable there are PDF sheet music downloads, especially when transcription and exercises are involved

Personal Feedback from Janek

The comments section below each lesson is the ideal place to upload a video of your playing and get personal feedback on your playing from Janek himself. We encourage you to share as many videos of your playing as possible so Janek can give you advice  and help guide you to solutions for improving your playing.

Powerful Community

This isn’t just a solo experience. You have the option to connect with all other users of the site via the comments below each lesson. You can share videos of your playing, discuss lessons, request specific topics for new lessons and get support from a huge community of like minded musicians.

Guest Teachers

We’re very fortunate that some incredible musicians and teachers drop in from time to time to share their wisdom in guest teacher videos. These have recently included drum guru and long time Jaco Pastorius bandmate Peter Erskine and Berklee Professor/guitar hero Tim Miller